5 Ways to Improve Omnichannel Customer Experience

Nuel Iyere
3 min readMay 15, 2023

67% of customers discontinue engaging with brands due to poor customer experience. An omnichannel customer experience can fix this.

According to Jeff Puritt, TELUS’s CEO, “It helps businesses build a human connection upon which to build and sustain meaningful, long-term relationships with customers.”

So what’s the omnichannel marketing experience and how can you improve it?

Source: Eva Bronzini

What’s an omnichannel customer experience?

An omnichannel customer experience is creating an integrated marketing strategy to give customers a unified experience across multiple digital and offline channels — website, mobile app, social media, SMS, phone calls, and physical store.

It entails delivering consistent services so customers can begin their journey on one channel and continue on other channels while experiencing the same quality of service.

For context, Emma clicks on your ad, lands on your website, and decides to speak to a customer service rep to get more info about an offering. She then visits your store to explore your products.

Here, Emma engages with your brand using four touchpoints. This seamless interaction can lead to higher customer retention.

Here’s how to create this kind of customer experience.

How to improve your brand’s omnichannel customer experience

  1. Understand the customer journey

Walk in your customers’ shoes to find the hoops they jump before a purchase.

Understanding the touchpoints customers use in engaging with your brand will help you create better seamless experiences for them. This will inform the kind of content you create, reveal broken channels, take them from one stage to the next smoothly, and personalize the experience.

2. Create more channels for buyers to interact with your brand

Having a website has become the bare minimum for businesses. So incorporating more marketing channels will win customers’ hearts. Plus you’ll get rich data to personalize the customers’ buying experience.



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